Since 1965, Fagan Arms has purchased tens of thousands of antique swords. Our expertise is second to none and our experience in the market gives you, the seller a cutting edge advantage. Auction houses deal in a wide variety of antiques, with a peripheral knowledge of edged weapons and armor. They charge commissions to the buyer and seller as well as related fees for photography, insurance, and storage. At Fagan Arms, we issue payment in full within 48 hours and you are through within a few days from your decision to sell.

Selling Instructions

  • Tell us what you have. Send photos by e-mail or send photos by mail. (
  • Let us know your asking price. Current auction prices online are a good guide to find the value of an item. We can pay what an item would sell for at auction and you save on the fees (commission, insurance, photography, storage, etc.) and get immediate payment.
  • Ship the items. We’re happy to help you find a shipping carrier like The UPS Store or FedEx, which will pack and ship for you. Our offer will include reimbursement of your cost of shipping.

Examples of Items We Purchase

SWORDS: Rapiers, Sabers, Hangers, Cutlasses, Eastern, Oriental and Medieval Swords, Executioner’s Swords

DAGGERS/KNIVES: American Daggers and Knives, Bowies, Stilettos, Left Hand Daggers, Maine Gauches, Mediterranean Daggers, Turkish, Persian, and Indian Daggers, Khanjars, Jambiyas. Gaucho Knives

POLEARMS: Halberds, Pikes, Lances, Glaives, Tridents, Partisans, Spontoons

HELMETS: Burgonets, Cabassets, Morions, Kulah Khuds, Close Helmets, Gothic Helmets

ARMOR: Full Armors, period including composite and antique copies, Shields, Gauntlets, Breastplates, Cuirasses, Chamfrons, Authentic Individual Elements

AXES/HAMMERS: Maces, European Battleaxes, European War Hammers, Executioner’s Axes

EASTERN AND ORIENTAL WEAPONS: Dhas, Mandaus, Khanjars, Jambiyas, Koras, Tulwars, Shamshirs, Battle Axes,

COLONIAL AMERICAN WEAPONS AND ARTIFACTS: Any weapons or accouterments as shown in the standard references.